Digital Bauhaus Summit 2016
Luxury Communism

June 3-4, 2016
Weimar, Neufert-Box & Deutsches Nationaltheater 


Tracks (Day 1)

Cyberproles: Life in the Post-Automation Economy

Exoskeletons: Smart vs. Sexy Urban Algorithms

Teknokomrades: Scaling Luxury, Intelligence and Immortality


Conference (Day 2)

Theme I – A Better Place: Reshuffling the Means of Production

Theme II – Never Mind The Cyborg – Here Comes Der Neue Mensch


DBS 2016 Flyer

Luxury Communism: All that’s solid melts into Champagne!

Can we imagine living in a world in which profits go not only to a small elite of digital innovators but to the entire society? What if Silicon Valley’s marketing mantra to “make the world a better place” became the true political program of a leisure society based on fully automated wealth?